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Update 5/21/05: Sorry about it being a long time since I updated it last. Tweaked the Star Wars page (added some MAJOR EPISODE III NEWS and MY REVIEW) and the Bond Game reviews page. Since I've reviewd Episode III I'll probably start a review page for the other films that should be up pretty soon. I haven't updated the LOTR site because there just hasn't been much to do on it except do the character pages. I also finished the 007 movie reviews page. Plus, the Whose Line page is finally done! I added the Chameleon to the Spiderman page. I'm thinking about reorganizing the Star Wars page, because it looks like it needs it. I also added some stuff to the Bond page including some important Brosnan news...

Update 10/11/04: Lots of Updates this time: I re-did the 007 page and put some movie and game reviews on it (there will be more to come) and I added some more characters to the Spiderman page. I also put an EPISODE LIST NOT GUIDE to the Spiderman cartoon page.Whose Line is it Anyway has officially stopped taping new episodes so, I won't be updating the Whose Line page very often. and that really bites, but almost all the performers can be seen on Drew Carey's Green Screen Show Thursdays, 8:30 pm on the WB.

UPDATE, 8-18-04 : As you can see I updated the homepage and I added a Whose Line page, a LOTR page, I updated the Bond page, and I put in a new article on my SW opinions. Hopefully I'll end up putting some movie reviews on the 007 page. Until next update, enjoy the site.

Welcome to Colby's Place, a fan site for most of my favorite things. If you'd like to contact me click this e-mail link. The purpose of this website is just recreation. I hope you enjoy this page, I've put a lot of work into it. I welcome any suggestions or even critisisms you may have for me by e-mailing me. Please do by the way. Now, I know the question on your mind: "Why so many different topics? Why not just pick one?" The answer is simple: I can't. My interests change between these and other things from time to time, so I decided to do a site about almost every one of my favorite things. I'll add more sections in the future, so keep checking back! Enjoy the site!