Jordan Peters's website - JP Playa
This guy is a good friend of mine and he's got a
great personnal page. Some of its features include
a Spiderman characters page, a guestbook, and some
hilarious pictures.

MiniClip Games
Miniclip has a load of games! And they're a blast!
Some of my favorites are: Heli Attack 2, Presidential
Knockout, and Dancin' Bush.
My Heli Attack 2 score is 2957400 by the way. Ha, try and beat that!
I scored 94 helis destroyed.

Mark's Guide to Whose Line is it Anyway?

The ultimate guide to the best and funniest show on TV, Mark does a
great job in bringing almost unlimited informations to the world
of Whose Line.

Commander Bond
The ultimate source to Bond movie news. The editors do
an examplary job in keeping the site consistantly updated and
providing up-to-the-minute news on the latest Bond goings-ons.

Barry's Temple of Godzilla
Barry has a good godzilla page. It's not the ultimate up-to-the-minute
website, but it still rocks. He does a great job and reviews the movies very well.
Like I said, its not the best, but something seldom ever is.

DRG4's Spiderman: The Animated Series Page
This guy is awesome when it comes to the 90's Spiderman
cartoon. He has a great page and he's even got an interview with
John Semper, the story writer for the cartoons. The man is a Spidey-cartoon

The Mushroom Kingdom
This is a great site for any Nintendo, Mario, and other Mario-related
characters. The ultimate mario game news source.

The TV Tome
If you want any info or up-to-date news on your favorite shows, visit
this site. It rocks!