I do not remember when I started to love music, but I remember almost all songs I ever learned. My childhood was miserable, but whenever I was humming some songs, I would forget all of my pains.

When I was a kid, I learned playing Chinese Er-Hu (Chinese violin) and plucking Yuan, but I never had money to buy any of those music instruments. In this page I just collected a few of my favorite Chinese music and songs (listed below). Hope you would like them too.

Now, I am very busy in my research and teaching, but sometimes when I was watching my daughter playing piano, I could not help myself to try to play too. However, I found my fingers were too rusty to play any thing. So, I tried to play music on computer. Three years ago, I made my two pieces of MIDI music, Lyic and Echo from deep gorges, but they sound not so good as my daughter’s piano. Then I never have time to synthesize some better ones.

A few of my favorite Chinese music and songs in AU format:

[Sound]Wusuli River Boat Song (A song of northeastern China, 1030 kb)