Digital Storytelling



What is it?

Multimedia story in which the recorded story creates the framework for the digital display of artifacts.






Candidate/teacher Outcome(s)

•candidates/teachers reflect on personal experiences

•candidates/teachers contextualize their educational experiences

•candidates/teachers reflect on teaching and learning



When to use

•candidates/teachers want to make a compelling impact on the audience

•candidates/teachers want to express personal experiences of interest to others

•candidates/teachers want to clarify goals and philosophies




Write a short personal narrative that tells a story (3 to 5 minutes when read)




Sample topics to explore or make a point about:





- Someone important





- An event in your life





- A place in your life





- About what you do




Write a well crafted script




Use spoken and visual metaphors



Select pictures / video relating to the story




Note: Pictures can be selected first and a story written about them



Digitize the pictures / video



Tell the story and record it



Select music to accompany the story and record it



Weave pictures, video, and music into the story







Determine the impact you want to make on your audience




- How does the voiceover interact with the images?




- How do the visual transitions and effects help tie images together?




- How does the voiceover interact with the music?







Articles / sites

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