A curriculum-based, Internet-enriched compendium of resources and activities categorized by a content area, grade level, and curriculum standards, and appropriate for use in grades PK-12. The emphasis is on exploration, collaboration, and facilitation. This is a holistic pedagogy-based approach to technology integration. The site is for use by faculty or prospective or current K-12 teachers.



• Students gather resources in electronic format to be used as primary or supplemental resources when teaching a specific content area
• Students develop a web site to access teaching resources for a specific content area and grade level


When to use

• When you want students to further develop and extend a topic of study
• When you want students to develop a compendium of appropriate resources (for a content area) to be used when teaching that content



ThinkQuest for Tomorrow’s Teachers

ThinkQuest Site

ThinkQuest T3 Site

Materials for Teacher Education

Preservice WMU

Kennesaw State University ThinkQuests

Imperial China

Building Family - Professional Partnerships

Anger Management

Emotional/Behavior Disorders

Kids and Culture

Learning Disabilities

Conduct Disorder

Middle Eastern Culture

The Lost Boy

Bird's Eye View

Social Issues in Education


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder