Virtual Field Trip



Web-based, content standard related activity in which students "visit" people, places, or times without actually going there. It takes students out of the classroom to encompass learning in a broader frame. It gives students a sense of "being there."



• Students experience places that would otherwise be inaccessable to them
• Students learn about other cultures
• Students can experience events and environments of other times
• Students make a connection between the VFT and the subject matter they are studying
• Students make a personal connection to what they are learning


When to use

• Introduction to a lesson or unit to stimulate interest
• As part of a lesson or unit activity to enhance or reinforce concepts
• At the end to summarize concepts
• Prior to an actual fieldtrip to assist in planning the trip

• Access to specific, timely resources is only available on the Web



Solar system

Grand Canyon

Normandy 1944


Native arts

Sue at the Field Museum

Franklin Institute Online

The Eight Planets


Oswego Schools VFTs

The Gateway Arch

School Library

Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village


Rubric example