I am a native of Frostburg, Maryland, having been born here a hundred years or so ago (hospital records suggest the date as April 10, 1943, but who listens to hospital records when everything good is on CDs anyway?). For my first six years of school I attended the lab school of Frostburg State University (then Frostburg State Teachers College). Later I became the first in my family to receive a college education, and only the second in the Snelson "extended" family. I graduated with a B.A., majoring in English and minoring in history. I taught English for several years at School #46 in the Baltimore city system, and then went to College Park where I studied in the English department of the University of Maryland. Too many years later I earned my master's degree and doctorate. My doctoral dissertation dealt with methods of teaching the plays of Moliere. In the meantime, I taught for nine years at Northern High in Garrett County, before coming to FSU. Here I teach several composition courses and several literature courses, including World Drama I and II, the British Literature survey class, the American Literature survey class, and, on occasion, Restoration and Augustan Literature, and Shakespeare (rarely, but with great delight).

University involvement:

* Associate Professor of English

* Associate Chair of English Department

* English Department Curriculum Committee

* English Department Executive Committee

* University Faculty Senate

* Institutional Priorities and Resources Committee

* President's Cabinet

Academic interests:

* Dramatic literature in general (especially Irish playwrights)

* Literature of the Restoration and the 18th century

* Non-traditional theatrical forms



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