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Frostburg Library, Entry into Mdusa go to Goverment/Law and then on to Academic Universe/Lexis-Nexis (Related Database) for good source of legal research material.

Site for organizing search results, good place to start a search  An Internet search tool that calls out in parallel all the best search engines, merges the results, removes redundancies, clusters the hits by search engine used.

  One of the best for finding info

Search Engines, use if your search is narrow, will look into the text of documents

For useful suggestions on web researches compares different search engines, etc.

links to Federal Government Sites

Dictionaries and Legal Libraries    Legal dictionary Site for a wide variety of dictionaries, go to Glossaries enter Law 'LECTRIC LAW LIBRARY™ Dictionary and lots more, sometimes humorous treatment of the law, link directly to dictionary West's, Articles from West's Encyclopedia of American Law, Links to Oran's Dictionary of law, Some topics of special interest to Environmental Law Students would include the following These are found in the Areas of Law link.

Administrative: Administrative Law and Procedure
Constitutional: Constitutional Law, Due Process of Law
Environmental: Environmental Law, National Environmental Policy Act
Real Property: Eminent Domain, Land-Use Control, Zoning

"">  need to update link Legal Resources on the Web for Nonlawyers, from Vanderbilt University, includes links to two dictionaries  Good site of links to law sites, follow the environmental link for excellent collection of environmental sites, news, general interest and law

Sites for general environmental law and current environmental topics League of Conservation Voters, good site for links to a variety of environmental news and environmental action sites, follow Links to "Get Involved" for LCV's links to environmental sites  Congressional Quarterly, News about current bills, political issues, general not just environmental. Contacting the Congress Find out who your elected Representatives are and learn more about them. site not up when last checked The Zipper Enter your zip code here and find out which Congressional District you live in and who your elected Representatives are. National Resource Defense Council National Wildlife Federation SC-Action and other publications of Sierra Club, good source of suggestions for environmental issues. Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, formerly the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, is the law firm for the environment. For more than a quarter century, the Legal Defense Fund has represented hundreds of environmental clients, large and small, without charge. Environmental Defense Fund, link to green wire (environmental news services), hogwatch, recycling news, good source of environmental links. International Rivers Network (IRN) is the leading organization working to halt the construction of destructive river development projects and to promote sound river management options worldwide. Resources for the Future, source of good information on current resource research, water, land, etc, non-market evaluation techniques, cost-benefit analysis, etc

Http:// EWG maintains an extensive, award-winning site on the World Wide Web ( that features most of the organization's publications and numerous searchable databases on subjects as diverse as campaign contributions, farm subsidies, wetland permits, violations of Federal health standards for drinking water and more  site not up when check 3-14-2000 Site maintained by EDF, The Chemical Scorecard makes it easy to find information fast: where these chemicals come from in your community, what their known or suspected effects are, and what actions you can take.

State of Maryland Links

Maryland State Law Library

Maryland Legal Links LexisNexis state code home page  LexisNexis page for Maryland Lexis Maryland State Code, some searching by key words.

Sites useful for searching for environmental laws and court cases Thomas The Library of Congress' online guide to legislative information, current bills, floor action plus much more.  The Cornell site is useful finding information on the US Code, sections can be browsed and links are provided to the CFR. Internet legal resources, U.S. Constitution, U.S. Supreme Court Opinions (Party Name Search) Current and historical information on the Supreme Court.

How to search the Code of Federal Regulations Government Printing Office main menu, can go from here to Federal Register, CFR etc. CFR from the GPO. Formerly hosted he U.S. House of Representatives, the Internet Law Library is now hosted by . In there own words "This incredible resource contains links to: U.S. State and Territorial Laws, Laws of other Nations, Treaties and International Law, Laws of all Jurisdictions and so much more.  This is a good place to a start search of Code of Federal Regulations and US Code. GPO access to Federal Register   FedLaw has been developed to ascertain if hypertext links to legal Home Pages on the Internet could be a useful and cost-effective research tool for Federal lawyers and other Federal employees. The Internet can be extremely useful for research. However, many of the materials are embedded deep within the Internet so that finding them is time-consuming. For instance, the Cornell Legal Information Institute (a major source used here) contains Federal laws, Federal regulations, and much more. To help overcome this problem, Fedlaw has assembled a select group of references of particular use to those persons doing Federal legal research and which can be accessed directly through "point and click" hypertext connections.  Official US Government Web Portal from GSA This is a good site for learning about NEPA it links the NEPA to regulations on enforcing NEPA.

Sites for branches of government and agencies    EPA's home page. EPA's site for environmental laws and regulations, good site to find environmental laws and environmental topics from the Federal Register. EPA's office of Water, Oceans, and Wetlands   EPA's Compliance and Enforcement EIS availability and information on EISs can be found by going to key Topics and looking for NEPA

Missing White House home page for CEQ   General home page for US Government information site with text of NEPA, reports on effectiveness of NEPA Home Page for the US senate Home Page for the White House Forest Service Site with examples of EIS and EA Home menu for GSA environmental resources, go to NEPA call in products for list of available fact sheets, wetlands, brownfields, etc, Environmental Resource Library (ERL) for good set of links to environmental resources. GSA fact sheet, summaries of important environmental legislation FWS site with state wildlife laws  Federal Wildlife laws and regulations  Wildlife law handbooks summaries of State and Federal wildlife laws at the New Mexico Center for Wildlife law


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