1991 - present Co-Director of the Western Maryland Regional Geographic Information Center.

1986 - 1996         Stream Model:  Developed and applied a stream water quality computer model

                    (DSSAM, Dynamic Stream Simulation).  The model includes two species of

                    benthic algae, pH, DO, BOD, and nitrogen.  Model applied to Truckee River,

                    presented results at three  workshops in Carson City, Nevada (1989, 1990 and

                    1994).  Model development continues at present.

1991 - 1993         Stream Model application to Red Deer River, Alberta, Canada.  Temperature

                    submodel added to water quality model.

1991           Reviewed Water Quality Models and Rate Coefficients for use on the Souris River.

               Presented a survey of existing water quality models and chaired issue session at

               The Souris River Basin Modeling Workshop, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

1990 - 1991         Organized 3 day non-tidal wetlands workshop at Frostburg State University,

                    instructor for hydrology and field portions of workshop.

1989 - 1991         Developed and applied shade and temperature model for Truckee River, Nevada.

1990           Grant from Maryland Bureau of Mines for preparation of sections of a mine

               reclamation plan.  Examined approaches that would maintain and enhance wetland


1989           Two weeks at Utah State University developing user interface for PC-based

               version of Cost Allocation Model for Senegal Project

1989           One week workshop on temperature and eutrophication modelling, presented at

               Utah State University.

1988-1989      Water Quality Study of the Impacts of Waste Water Treatment Plants on the

               Yellow River, Gwinnett, County, Ga.

1985-1987      Land Treatment of Hazardous Wastes: Researched, developed, and applied a

               computer model for evaluating the leachate potential at land treatment sites for the


1986-1987      Bear River Phosphate Control Study:  Collected and analyzed data to identify

               sources of phosphorus in the Bear River watershed.

1984-1986      River Basin Water Quality Management Study: Modified and applied a stream

               model to study the eutrophication potential of proposed Bear River reservoirs.

1982-1986      Senegal River Basin Development Project: Developed a cost allocation computer

               model, instructed trainees from West Africa on the use of the model, installed

               computer equipment in Dakar, and presented material at three workshops in Dakar,

               West Africa.

1986           Virgin River Instream Flow Study:  collected data, and applied computer model to

               determine flow requirements for endangered fish species.

1984           Assisted in field studies for a site suitability study for a proposed environmental

               educational facility in Professor Valley, Utah.

1984           Developed a new computerized temperature model for Bio-West Inc. Logan, Utah

1983           Reservoir Impact and Management Study: Modified and applied a reservoir

               temperature model, for Bio-West Inc. Logan, Utah.

1982           Reservoir Impact and Management Study: Developed and applied a reservoir

               temperature model, Twelve-Nine consulting firm, Logan, UT.

1981           Computer Program Evaluation:  Made necessary changes for running the HEC-5Q

               computer model on the Va computer. Evaluated the water quality section of the


1980           Stream Temperature Model:  Developed and applied a stream temperature model

               to a dam in New Mexico (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service), to a proposed

               hydroelectric diversion project (CH2M-Hill, Boise, ID), and to the proposed White

               River Dam (Bio-West Inc., Logan, Utah).

1979           Water Quality Indices:  Evaluated the water quality indices linked to a stream

               simulation model for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Instream Flow Group, Fort

               Collins, Colorado.

1978-1979      Impacts of Strip mining:  Toured strip mines in the Midwest collecting aquatic and

               terrestrial data for Indiana University.

1977           Environmental Impact Assessment: Prepared the terrestrial ecology section of the

               EIA for a proposed recreation facility (Indiana Univ.).

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