Student Internship Opportunities


A listing of internship sites, career opportunities, and job search engines in many fields of Geography


Minimum Qualifications to participate in the Geography Department’s Internship Program

  1. Enrolled as a full-time student at Frostburg State University (FSU)


  1. Major in one of the Geography Department’s programs or concentrations at FSU including: Geography, Earth Science, Environmental Analysis and Planning, Urban and Regional Planning, Climate Science Concentration, Environmental Science Concentration, Global Systems Analysis Concentration, and Mapping Science Concentration.


  1. Earned a minimum of 24 hours in the major at the time the internship commences.


  1. Intern applicants must have a GPA of 2.5 or better in course work required for the major and any additional geography electives at the time applications is solicited.  Applications are solicited the semester prior to the internship semester.  Normally, the grade point average in the major is calculated based on earned hours at FSU.  However, students who transferred course work applicable to the major into FSU may request that those grades be included in the calculations.  Calculation of GPA follows general University Procedures.


  1. Interns should be senior standing at the time the internship commences.  In some cases sophomores or juniors may be considered if the cooperating agency as a cooperative education program that requires interns to serve two of more periods of service with the organization.


  1. The Geography Department Faculty will vote on the acceptance of internship candidates into the internship program.


  1. Other requirements deemed appropriate by your cooperating agency, the FSU Internship Supervisor, or the Department of Geography.

For additional information regarding the Geography Department's Internship Program, the minimum qualifications, and associated requirements, please contact:

Dr. Fritz C. Kessler, Internship Director

Professor and Chair

230 Gunter Hall

Frostburg State University

Frostburg, MD 21532


Office Phone: (301) 687-4266

Departmental Phone: (301) 687-4369

Departmental Fax: (301) 687-4495





Information on Careers in the Mapping Sciences


Basic background on careers in the Mapping Sciences.


Nature: Mapping Opportunities: An overview of careers in the Mapping Sciences. Many good links to other mapping-related organizations.


Bureau of Labor Statistics: Provides a summary of the job forecast for those pursuing a career in the mapping sciences.


CartoTalk: provides a forum for discussion of all things related to cartography including job postings.


A site discussing careers in Geography, what it takes to be a geographer and what you can do with a geography degree from the American Association of Geographers


A site describing various careers in the mapping sciences from the Cartography and Geographic Information Science


A site from the Imaging and Geospatial Information Society (American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) listing career opportunities in remote sensing and geographic information science.  


A site discussing a variety of careers in the geo-sciences from GeoTimes



Internships and Job Opportunities at the National and State Levels


Many of the organizations listed below have specific requirements and early deadlines for summer internship opportunities.  

You are encouraged to examine these web pages to make sure you understand the requirements and can meet the deadlines.

Association of American Geographers: Occasionally hires interns to help with web site production, publicity, and geographic education. Located in downtown Washington D.C.


American Geosciences Institute (from the AGI web site): AGI Geoscience Policy offers summer and semester internship opportunities for geoscience students with an interest in public policy and in how Washington impacts the geoscience community. Interns gain a first-hand understanding of the legislative process and the operation of executive branch agencies. They also hone writing, research, and web publishing skills. Stipends for the interns are generously supported by AGI, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the American Institute of Professional Geologists Foundation.


Bureau of Land Management: Opportunities in wildlife management experiences mostly in western states.


Central Intelligence Agency: A very demanding internship opportunity.  Opportunities exist for many aspects of geography.  Apply early as the security clearance takes several months.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation (from the agency’s website): The Chesapeake Bay Foundation takes pride in offering hands-on, challenging, and rewarding internships to students with a passion for the environment and our mission.


Environmental Careers Organization: A search engine for placement in various federal government offices (USGS, EPA, NOAA, etc.) often in the Washington DC metro area.


Environmental Protection Agency: Competitive scholarships and fellowships for students.


Federal Internship Register: Find information on internships within the federal government.


U.S. Government Student Jobs: national government database for students to log on, create a resume, and search by state and city region - many government agencies fill internship positions through this database.

U.S. Geological Survey: Student jobs and internships across the U.S. with many opportunities in geography and earth science.


Maryland Department of Natural Resources: A listing of opportunities for internships in Maryland.


National Council for Science and the Environment: (NCEC) a non-profit organization listing of environmentally focused internships around the U.S. This site has a very nice search function. This function searches not only key U.S. Government offices but also many other non-profit organizations.

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency: (from the agency’s web site) NGA provides timely, relevant, and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of national security.


National Geographic Society: Talk to your advisor for an application packet, deadline is in the fall for the following year.


National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration: An extensive listing of internship opportunities for students interested in coastal management practices.


National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Education: Lists organizational wide internship opportunities.


National Science Foundation Research Experiences: Search for summer research opportunities in universities across the U.S.- a great opportunity if you're considering graduate school.


National Security Agency: Offers many opportunities in the computer science, mathematics, and statistical realm.


National Weather Service Meteorological Development Lab: Opportunities to explore and learn about the weather.

National Wildlife Federation: Focused on endangered species, land stewardship, and water resources.


Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education: Geared toward undergraduate students in the sciences with practical experience in "doing" science - many opportunities for field work.


Patuxent Wildlife Research Center: Aimed toward those students interested in wildlife and natural resource science, providing the information needed to better manage the nation's environmental resources.

Smithsonian Opportunities for Research and Study: Competitive opportunities in Washington D.C.'s many museums for students - some limited applications to geography.


U.S.A. Jobs: A clearinghouse for job seekers who are interested in positions in the U.S. Federal Government.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Some opportunities for undergraduates to apply for positions in the physical sciences.


U.S. Census Bureau: Has numerous opportunities for geographers, cartographers, and GIS specialists.

U.S. Forest Service: Opportunities for those who enjoy the outdoors and of course the forests.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Several good opportunities for geography, earth science, and EVAP majors.

U.S. Housing and Urban Development: Focused on urban/regional planning, geography, and other social sciences.


U.S. State Department: Designed for students desiring an extraordinary internship experience in the service of the United States.


West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection: Designed for students interested in working in West Virginia's environment.



Internships in the Corporate, Private Business, or Non-Profit Arenas


Student Conservation Association: Designed specifically for advertising student internships throughout the United States.


Regional Internship Center of Southwest Pennsylvania: For students interested in applying for positions located in southwest Pennsylvania.


Western Pennsylvania Career Services Association: An organization geared toward helping students find internships in Western Pennsylvania. Holds a yearly job fair in Pittsburgh.


Pittsburgh Technology Center: Another site for internships specifically focusing on technology in the greater Pittsburgh area.


Environmental & Engineering Services: An environmental consulting firm



Job Search Engines Specific to the Field of Geography


·        The following sites list current jobs in the field of geography.  

·        Some sites list daily job postings.

·        Internship opportunities are posted on some sites too.

·        Most sites have a similar format where you can post resumes, view job ads, get resume help, etc.

·        Many sites cover mapping related fields such as Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Photogrammetry, Cartography, and of course GIS (use these keywords in the search area).  

·        Jobs are posted that utilize one or more of the mapping sciences such as mining, geoscience, environmental science, agriculture, forestry, ecology, meteorology, oceanography, hydrology, soil, and so forth.

·         Most sites require that to post a resume you must register with the organization hosting the website, but usually, application is instant and free.



GIS Jobs Clearinghouse



GIS Careers 

GIS Lounge

GIS Job Board




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