GEOG 414: Digital Image Processing & Analysis


Course Syllabus:

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(Same book as used in GEOG 413)

Lillesand, Kiefer, and Chipman. 2008. Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation, 6th edition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc, New York. ISBN13: 978-0-470-05245-7

Note: The older 5th edition of this book will also be suitable.


Lab Activities:

Click the links for a brief overview and some images from each Exercise

Lab Exercise 1 -- Georegistration & Georectification

Lab Exercise 2 -- Utilizing Threshholds & Masks; Working with Regions of Interest

Lab Exercise 3 -- Working With Spatial Filters, Band Ratios, and Spectral Indices

Lab Exercise 4 -- Principal Components Analysis

Lab Exercise 5 -- Image Classification I: Unsupervised Methods

Lab Exercise 6 -- Image Classification II: Supervised Approach

Lab Exercise 7 -- Working with MODIS Data Products


Web Resources:

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Selected sites that distribute remote sensing data:

Selected sites pertaining to remote sensing instruments:

Selected sites pertaining to remote sensing applications & research:

Selected sites pertaining to the ENVI software:


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