Dr. David Dean

Dunkle Hall 113





B.A. Wabash College

M.A. University of Texas at Austin

PHD. University of Texas at Austin


Areas of Teaching Expertise Include:

19th Century USA (Civil War and Reconstruction, The American West, Age of Jefferson and Jackson, Gilded Age of America)


United States History Survey


The Contemporary World in Historical Perspective


Author Of:

Defender of the Race: James Theodore Holly, Black Nationalist and Bishop


Breaking Trail: Hudson Stuck of Texas and Alaska



I am an avid runner. To this date I have participated in over 50 marathons.


I have biked across U.S. three times.


Overseas teaching: South Africa, Lesotho, Ireland.


HIST 100.001 & .002

HIST 104

HIST 111


New York Times

Valley Of The Shadows

The History Net

Washington Post


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