Maryland Summer Center for Mathematics
Fun is Certain - Probability, Game Theory, and Computer Simulation 


Our Program

The Maryland Summer Center for Mathematics at Frostburg State University offers a diverse program for students entering grades 6 - 9. Join us as we explore the power and beauty of mathematics in the charming mountains of Western Maryland. Spend the week collaborating and working creatively with other math lovers and our caring staff instructional staff.

The Center is designed to give families the greatest flexibility by offering students the choice of staying at FSU for six nights as a Resident or the choice of traveling from home each day as a Commuter. Students will have access to a modern student center, a newly equipped computer lab, a full physical recreation complex, and a college dining hall. Residential students will also enjoy comfortable air-conditioned dormitory rooms.

The center will encourage students to develop a broader understanding of and appreciation for mathematics, and provide opportunities to communicate work carefully and clearly. This year's theme will focus on three main areas: probability, game theory and data analysis. Students will explore these topics through hands-on investigations including the use of powerful computer simulations. Evening instructional time will be used to focus greater attention on specific topics, to work on projects, to provide time for contests and game play, and to enjoy interesting presentations from a diverse group of FSU faculty. Students will benefit from five full days of center operations followed by a closing presentation and awards session for parents on Saturday.

In the News

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Where? - Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD (Allegany County)
Who? - Students entering (in the fall) grades 6 through 9
When? - July 12 to July 18
How Much? - $365 for residential students; $220 for commuter students

             **** Need-Based Scholarships Available ****

Our Staff

Dr. Marc Michael
Mathematics Department
Frostburg State University
MSC Director

Dr. Gerry Wojnar
Mathematics Department
Frostburg State University
MSC Instructor

Ms. Miranda Savage
Mathematics Teacher
Southern Middle School
Garrett County Public Schools
MSC Instructor

Mr. Wayne Rice
Mathematics Teacher
Frankfort High School
Mineral County Public Schools
MSC Teaching Assistant

Ms. Abbie Vanderwest
Mathematics and Music Major
Frostburg State University
MSC Teaching Assistant

Mr. Josh Wilson
Mathematics Major
Frostburg State University
MSC Teaching Assistant

Mr. Kelvin Coates
Physics Major, Math and Accounting Minor
Frostburg State University
MSC Residential Assistant

Ms. Laura Reeves
Mathematics Major
Frostburg State University
MSC Residential Assistant

Apply to Our Center

Interested students (or parents) should complete the application process by April 15, 2009 to received first consideration.

Online Application
Printable Application

All correspondence including any application materials should be mailed to:

Dr. Marc Michael
Mathematics Department
Frostburg State University
101 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD. 21532-2303
Phone: 301-687-4686
Fax: 301-687-4795

Letters of acceptance will by mailed by May 1, 2009

About Maryland Summer Centers

The 2009 Maryland Summer Centers program continues a 42 year commitment at the state level to provide summer education opportunities for Maryland's gifted and talented students. The Maryland Summer Centers program, in partnership with public and nonpublic agencies, provides Maryland's diverse gifted and talented population with advanced, rigorous, experiential learning opportunities that nurture these students' talents and abilities within unique learning environments.

Please Help Maryland Summer Centers!

Becuase of the current fiscal climate in Maryland, the Maryland Summer Centers program was "cut" from the proposed 2010 Maryland Budget. If you have experienced the benefits of Maryland Summer Centers first hand or if you value gifted-and-talened educational programs in general, please contact your Maryland elected officials and ask them to support gifted-and-talented education in Maryland.

The following is an efficient way to contact state officials:

1. Go to site
2. Click on Find your Federal and State Elected Officials
3. On the right side, below the map, enter your home address and click Find Elected    Officials. On the left hand side is the name of your State Delegate and Senator!
4. Once you have the names of the officials, click on the name. It will give you a
   bio of the person and the email.
5. Click on the email address and type away!


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