Main Lab

   Describing aspects of
    a good theory.

Phases of research
  Steps for conducting a
    research study.

Research methods
  Different types of 
   research methods.

Sources for Info
  Primary & Secondary
    sources of research.

Journal Articles
  Understanding a
    typical journal article.

On-line Searches
  How to use PsycInfo 
    and other search
    engines.  Includes info
    on full text articles.

APA Format
   Learn to write in APA 

Activities & Quizzes
   A variety of activities
    related to research. 
   To be used in classes.

Activities & Quizzes

    This page contains a list of activities and quizzes related to conducting psychological research.  The list contains levels that designate degree of difficulty.  Level A is the easiest level (contains activities suitable for an Introduction to Psychology Course) with the other levels increasing in difficulty. 
Level A
  A-1  Conducting an on-line search - the basics.
                   This activity is to familiarize you with the PsychInfo database, journals articles,
                  and conducting on-line searches using databases. 
  A-2  Dissecting a journal article.
                    This activity will help students learn how to analyze a typical journal article, such
                   as the article's hypothesis, independent and dependent variables, and major

Level B
  B-1    Independent and dependent variables - quiz.
                    A quiz giving examples of research projects and asking for the IV and DV.
  B-2    Conducting an on-line search - advanced.  (FSU's MS in Counseling - click here)
                     A more advanced activity for conducting on-line searches including using
                   databases to search for books, the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms,
                   and internet search engines such as Yahoo or Excite. 
  B-3    Group Presentation Project.  (FSU's Psy210 Class - click here)
                   Step-by-step process in which a group of students research journal articles
                  leading to a presentation on the topic.

Level C

   Check back for more activities.  Or email me if you'd like to add your activity to this