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Empowering children with disabilities


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This website was created to help children, families, and educators learn about disabilities and local resources for the Frostburg, MD region.

If you are a child with a disability or a parent of a child with a disability, this site will provide information on your rights under federal law, present inspirational stories, educate on ways to combat stigmas, answer frequently asked questions, and provide local resources.

Educators will benefit from this site as well with helpful pamphlets that have been created for you to download and use.

Advanced psychology students taking Dr. Megan E. Bradley's Psychology of Exceptional Children course created these web pages and pamphlets. Each winter, this site will be updated to maintain accuracy and to include additional helpful information.



Helping children, families, and educators in the Frostburg, MD region



This website was created by Frostburg State University Psychology Students as part of the Center for Children & Families.


      (c) 2008 by Dr. Megan E. Bradley