Twitterview with Dr. Melissa Esposito on Prevention & Treatment of Fertility Issues


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I'm live w reproductive endocrinologist Dr @MelissaEsposito from Shady Grove Fertility Center @SGFertility for a Twitterview.

Our topic is #fertility-how to prevent infertility, how to recognize possible issues & what treatment approaches are available.

Perfect topic for those #TTC or who might want to have a child some day.

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I'll tweet questions & Dr. Esposito will tweet answers. Note that her answers may go over several tweets. Welcome Dr. Esposito!

Hi everyone thanks for joining us for our tweet session on infertility


What is a reproductive endocrinologist and why did you choose to specialize in that area?

A doctor that specializes in hormone disorders related to pregnancy- I chose this because we make a huge positive impact in patient lives


How does being on birth control affect future fertility for women? Does length of time on the pill matter? Are continuous pills better?

OCP's do not affect future fertility and in fact are protective against many diseases such as ovarian cancer- continuous OCPs are safe

OCP = oral contraceptive pills


Are there any signs of possible fertility issues for young adults such as irregular menstrual cycles?

Irregular menstrual cycles along with other symptoms such as obesity, excess hair growth and acne may be early signs of a fertility issue

The irregular cycles and coexisting symptoms are often a syndrome called PCOS and are treatable

A history of sexually transmitted diseases, pelvic or abdominal surgery, or endometriosis may be linked to blocked tubes

A history of previous scrotal injury or trauma, undescended testicle, cancer treatment may lead to low sperm counts


That's interesting. What suggestions do you have for young adults as far as optimal lifestyle characteristics for those who eventually want children?

Use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs is toxic to eggs and sperm and can decrease egg quality and semen parameters

Use of saunas, hot tubs, and anything that increases heat to the scrotum and testes is toxic to sperm and decreases sperm counts


How does age matter when dealing with fertility?

Women are born with a finite number of eggs that decrease over time until the age of menopause when the ability to reproduce ceases

As women age, the egg quality decreases and the risk of chromosomal abnormalities increase, starting in the 30's

So optimally better not to wait - better to try earlier than later if you have the opportunity and the time in your life is right

Yes Megan that is right- age is certainly an issue that is hard to overcome and egg quality cannot be improved once it is decreased


What is the optimal weight range for men and women in order to get pregnant?

Extremes of weight can adversely affect fertility usually due to causing cycle irregularity

If a patients BMI is under 18 we will advise her to try and gain some weight prior to undergoing fertility treatment

If overweight we advise patients to lose weight as studies show that being overweight decreases implantation and pregnancy rates by 50%

Being overweight also doubles miscarriage rates; as little as a 5-10% weight loss can improve a patients success rate with treatment


Why did you choose to join Shady Grove Fertility Center (@SGFertility)?

I chose to work at @SGFertility because it is one of the largest and most successful and ethical centers in the country


Approximately 40% of couples have male infertility, 30% have tubal factor, 15% ovulation disorder, 15% unexplained, and some a combination

Oops got ahead of myself :) Those are the common causes of infertilty!

What are the most common types of fertility issues you treat at SGFC? Your previous tweet gave the overview. Other things you do?

This year we will do about 4000 IVF cycles and also many superovulation/artificial insemination cycles

We also have the largest donor egg program in the country and have patients coming internationally to participate in the program

Along with infertility we also do reproductive surgery and see recurrent pregnancy loss patients

For patients who are carriers of genetic diseases we also do PGD which is a process where we can test embryos & only transfer normal embryos

Wow sounds like Shady Grove offers a lot for anyone dealing with fertility issues.


Let's end with some common beliefs people have heard about conception. Any scientific evidence to back these pregnancy beliefs?

True or false: A woman should put her feet in the air after intercourse to increase chances of getting pregnant.

Absolutely not necessary!!!! The fastest and best sperm make it into the tubes within minutes- no need to put feet in the air

True or false: Taking Chinese herbs can increase fertility. (Related - should a woman using ART be on Chinese herbs?)

We actually discourage the use of herbs during treatment as some of the herbs can interfere with our medications

True or false: The biological father should sleep w/his head facing north in order to increase fertility.

Never read this in any of my textbooks - can't say that this has anything to do with fertility success

True or false: Certain sexual positions help improve chances of getting pregnant.

As long as ejaculation is occurring in the vagina, I don't believe that any one position is superior to another

True or false: Placing elephant figurines in the bedroom will improve fertility and lead to baby boys.

Again I have never read this in any textbook and I have never seen any evidence of this in the literature

True or false: Standing on your head after sex can increase your chances of becoming pregnant. (ouch)

Again no evidence to show that this is true- NO NEED TO STAND ON YOUR HEAD IT WILL JUST MAKE YOU DIZZY!!!!



Thanks so much for answering these questions!

Thanks to everyone for joining us- I hope this twitter session was informative!!! Have a great day everyone

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Have a good day everyone!!


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