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Topic:  List of web sites that offer on-line full-text articles.

      The latest trend for college students is to use journal articles that are available on the internet in full-text.  For psychology majors, finding good full-text articles is not an easy task.  The American Psychological Association (APA) owns the majority of psychological journals and has no immediate plans to make them available on-line for free.  However, listed below are certain sites that may help out.  As I discover more resources, I will add them to the list.  If you know of any sites not listed, please email me.

     Some words of caution before reviewing sites.  First, many sites that offer full-text articles have incomplete databases.  A student should still use the PsychINFO database for a complete listing of appropriate articles.  Second, the databases are not only incomplete but include articles from sources unacceptable in many college courses.  For example, a site may search for the topic of 'anxiety in children' and look at popular magazines such as Newsweek or Psychology Today.  These magazines are NOT peer reviewed and can often be inaccurate.  To make sure your references are appropriate, consult your professor or conduct your research on PsychINFO first, and then search for those specific journal articles.  Third, many sites do not use Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format or something similar for their full-text articles; as a result, tables, figures, and graphs are unreadable or eliminated from the on-line version.  Important information is reviewed in tables and figures that is not reviewed in the text. Some sites that offer pdf format may still not include figures.  Check before you use it.

     Research Port / SFX   sfx
           -has some full text databases and some are in Adobe format
                      -when you use PsychINFO, you can find out if the article is available in
                             full-text by clicking on the sfx button.  If full text is available, you
                             will see something like this: 
                                Full text available via MasterFILE Premier

                                  -you will want to click on that link and follow the steps to retrieve
                                        your article.  Or, click here for more information and tutorial.

     EBSCO Host
           -PsycINFO version has links to available full-text articles
           -also has some full text databases

              -this site appears to be rather good.  Conduct your searches using ALL MAGAZINES for best results.  But you'll have to sift through the non-psychological journals and popular magazines.

     APA On Line Articles
            -APA still retains its monopoly on access to articles but you may find a few on this site
            -APA also allows you to pay for access to on-line articles, although the deal appears to be too expensive and without much coverage of articles.  But you may click here for more information.
             -APA also puts sample full text articles online (for free) for each of their jounals.  Click here for a list of their journals which can then send you to a listing of what is free.  You cannot search for a particular subject this way but you may find something of interest.

      Amoeba Web
              -another site with full-text databases

      British Journal of Psychiatry
               -you can search by topic, author, or title.  Abstracts are on-line and some articles are available in full-text format.  You can also search in Advances in Psychiatric Treatment and Psychiatric Bulletin, other journals associated with Journals of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

             -this site is free to students and gives you articles from psychiatry/psychology journals as well as medical journals.  You must register but it is a free service and will give you access to excellent medical journal articles.

            -this site allows you to search eJournals as well as standard searches for abstracts.

      Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
              -well respected journal with articles available on-line but for a fee.