Main Lab

   Describing aspects of
    a good theory.

Phases of research
  Steps for conducting a
    research study.

Research methods
  Different types of 
   research methods.

Sources for Info
  Primary & Secondary
    sources of research.

Journal Articles
  Understanding a
    typical journal article.

On-line Searches
  How to use PsycInfo 
    and other search
    engines.  Includes info
    on full text articles.

APA Format
   Learn to write in APA 

Activities & Quizzes
   A variety of activities
    related to research. 
   To be used in classes.


Quiz:  Distinguishing independent and dependent variables. 

Read this tutorial on the phases of research, with a specific description of independent and dependent variables.  Then, complete the self-quiz below:

     Below are examples of research studies.  Name the independent variable (IV) and the dependent variable (DV) for each one.  Then check your results with the answers.  A good tip for doing this exercise is to first name the 2 main variables in the study, then figure out which one influences the other.  The one doing the influencing is the IV; the one being influenced is the DV.

1.  Study examining if t.v. violence increases aggression in children.

2.  Study predicting that alcohol drinking will decrease people's reaction time while driving.

3.  Study examining if perspective taking improves with age.

4.  Study predicting that high school sports build character.

5.  How do changes in work space affect employee reaction?

6.  Study predicting that pedestrians will walk faster on hot days versus cold days.

7.  Are younger siblings treated better by their parents than older siblings?

              Go to answers.

1.  IV: tv violence 
     DV:  children's aggression

2.  IV:  alcohol drinking 
     DV:  people's reaction time while driving

3.  IV:  age 
     DV:  perspective taking

4.  IV:  high school sports 
     DV:  character

5.  IV:  changes in work space 
     DV:  employee reaction

6.  IV:  temperature (hot vs. cold) 
     DV:  tempo of pedestrian walking

7.  IV:  Sibling status (younger/older) 
     DV:  treatment by parents

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