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I am interviewing Dr. Laura Jana (@drlaurajana, pediatrician, health communicator, & award-winning author of 4 books.

Dr. Jana's Practical Parenting site ( contains helpful info for parents starting w pregnancy thru teen years.

Along with @juliacookonline, they just published a new book: It's You & Me Against the Pee...and the Poop, Too!

It’s a wonderful book aimed at helping kids & parents w potty training. Anita DuFalla beautifully illustrates it w pages of colorful images.

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I'll tweet questions & Dr. Jana will tweet answers. Note that her answers may go over several tweets. Thank you Dr. Jana for joining us!

HI - great to join you to discuss You and Me Against the Pee!


Why is potty training a big deal for parents and kids?

Society definitely emphasizes this admittedly useful skill. Sense of hygiene, lifestyle, & aversion to pee/poop all probably play role

With a majority of kids under age 5 in child care, there’s also a lot of additional pressure to potty train before entering preschool


How important is it for children to have some control over the muscles surrounding their bowels or bladder? When do they gain control?

Current thinking is that children should not only have the physical/muscle ability but be developmentally ready

It’s true that babies can be potty trained but developmentally ready means stays dry, dislikes dirty diapers, walks to potty, shows interest

Some toddlers gain control and are potty ready between 18 to 24 months. A majority of kids potty train by age 3


I am tweeting w @drlaurajana on potty training & her new co-authored book on the topic. To view live-follow @DrMeganBradley & @drlaurajana


Are there gender differences in potty training? For example, are boys or girls easier to train? Does gender of parent matter?

While it is said that boys tend to potty train a little later than girls, this isn’t always the case. Each child is different

What I find most gender-relevant is that it’s very useful for kids learning to use the potty to see parents of the same gender doing so

Boys may be a bit more difficult to potty train, if only because they tend to discover they can entertain themselves by spraying pee

I recommend dads wait to let toddler sons see them peeing standing up until they’re older. Sitting down helps pee actually reach the potty!


Helpful in avoiding messes. :)


Does the type of diaper matter? Many modern diapers are great at wicking away moisture - does that interfere with potty training?

Disposable and cloth diapers are both reasonable options, but a vast majority of parents opt for disposable diapers for their convenience

The fact that disposable diapers are so good at wicking away moisture/keeping skin dry doesn’t seem to interfere with potty training

At the same time, disposable diapers’ impressive ability to wick away moisture is great for keeping skin drier and more rash free


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There are 2 main philosophies for potty training: Start early (before 1) vs wait until child is ready. Which do you advocate?

Mainstream opinion is to wait to potty train until child is developmentally ready, which typically occurs between 2 and 3

Have definitely seen kids on occasion who are ready, willing and able to potty train at 18 to 24 months (2 of my 3 kids included)

As for potty training babies, I know a few swear by it, but realistically it’s not for most parents. Requires lots of attention and effort


You & Julia Cook recently published a new book: It's You & Me Against the Pee...& the Poop, Too! What inspired you to write this book?

Potty training can be stressful and frustrating. We want to make sure everyone focuses on making it a fun, positive learning experience

Prerequisite for a positive potty training experience is always remember that you and your child are on the same team, hence title of book!




The book empowers kids by reflecting possible concerns re potty training while also creating a fun game. Was this an intentional strategy?

Absolutely. We worked hard to address/demystify the most common fears children have and instead make kids want to accomplish this skill

Knowing that 2 year olds always say no, our new book gets them to want to use the potty by challenging them to be smarter than their pee


In my view, the book also helps parents w their reactions to children’s potty training attempts. Why was this important to include?

Cleaning up potty messes, dealing with potty-resistant children is understandably very frustrating, so You and Me Against the Pee addresses [these issues]

The book very intentionally focuses on helping parents better understand a potty-training child’s point of view and what they’re afraid of

And most of all, we wanted to emphasize that potty training is really a learning experience – one that can take time and encouragement


Excellent. Any last tips for parents whose children aren’t potty trained?

Embark on potty training by making sure your child is developmentally ready, and then joining forces to conquer this life skill

Treat this like a learning experience. Celebrate accomplishments (and attempts) rather than focusing on failures or near misses

And of course, be sure to read You and Me Against the Pee with your child for a fun (and educational) approach to potty training


It's a great book for kids to read while on the potty!


This is your second collaboration w @juliacookonline. What was your first book, Melvin the Magnificent Molar, about? (

This fun book - with a tooth character that kids really care about - really helps them learn about and want to take care of their own teeth

Melvin is an appealing, lovable tooth (molar) that lives way way way in the back of the mouth and wants nothing more than to be kept clean

Melvin book helps kids learn what goes on at dental checkups/cleanings so no longer fear it and even look forward to visiting dentist!


Too cute.


Dr. Jana is also the award winning author of Heading Home with Your Newborn Could you give us 1 tip from that book?

Heading Home: While new parenthood can be daunting, new and expectant parents should always remember to enjoy this amazing experience


How about another tip from yet another award-winning book Food Fights Winning the Nutritional Challenges...

It’s never too early to start teaching kids healthy eating habits. Providing them with healthy foods is imp, but so is eating by example!


Finally, you manage a fantastic website for parents: ( What can parents expect from the site?

Parents can find my blogs, articles, interviews, videos, and even sign up for subscription content - all practical and parent-relevant


It's a wonderful site! Very helpful for families.


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Thank you so much for joining us. Special thanks to Dr. Laura Jana, pediatrician and award-winning author!

Quite a fun tweet experience for the day. Thanks for your interest in You and Me Against the Pee. Julia & I hope everyone enjoys it!


I got a preview copy of the Pee book and it's wonderful! Pre-order it today!!

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