Information for those wanting a letter of recommendation from Dr. Megan E. Bradley

If you are seeking a letter of recommendation from me, please be sure you meet the following pre-requisites and do the required steps. I'd be happy to write a letter for you.


  1. Earned an A if you took my PSYC 210 class
  2. At least a 3.0 overall and major GPA
  3. Earned an A in PSYC 394 if you took that course
  4. Giving me at least 2 weeks to complete this task (and I might need more time depending on time of the semester)

Required steps:

  1. Waive your right to see my ratings/comments. I will give you a copy of my letter but I require you to waive your rights on the forms from graduate schools.
  2. Complete all of your information on all forms. Don't forget to sign your name.
  3. Complete all of my information on all forms except my signature and the date. Information that forms typically ask:
      • Dr. Megan E. Bradley
      • Professor of Psychology
      • 101 Braddock Road, Frostburg, MD 21532
      • (301) 687-4194 (work phone); (301) 687-7418 (fax)

      **Please also include the information where it asks how long we've known one another and in what capacity (e.g., student in a class, advisee, etc.)

  4. Provide addresses for the graduate schools by either (a) typing me the address in an email, where all I have to do is print/cut/tape address on one of our envelopes or (b) write addresses on envelopes. No need to include stamps and I can give you FSU envelopes to write the addresses, if you want.
  5. Email me the following information:
  6. Submit any forms/envelopes/etc. to me in a large envelope with your name on it unless everything is electronic

Thanks! In return, I will write you the strongest letter possible to help you achieve your goals.