Francis Galton
Researched and written by:  Nakeyva Brice
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Francis Galton was born on February 16th, 1822 in Birmingham, England. He attended school in Boulogn, received private schooling, studied medicine through an apprenticeship in Birmingham in 1838. He attended Kings College in 1839 and studied chemistry under Baron Justus von Leibig. In 1840 he studied mathematics at Trinity College in Cambridge.

Galton is best known for his work as a scientist especially in meteorology and heredity these are the areas where he is considered to be a founder. He also supported his cousin Charles Darwin because he believed in evolution and “survival of the fittest” theories. Galton was very interested in heredity and studied this area heavily. He is credited with coining the term eugenics which is the study of race improvement. Galton believed that only the most supreme humans should reproduce and that lesser humans should not. He also believed that intelligent people should marry intelligent people and produce intelligent offspring because it would improve humanity as a whole. Galton believed that this was possible based on his own family line, since it was filled with intelligent and successful men.

Galton traveled all over the world and studied may different things and received many awards including but not limited to the Gold Medal before he died on January 17th, 1911 in Helmshire, England.




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