Leta Stetta Hollingworth
Researched and written by: Kristina M. Green
I attest that the following biography is a product of my own original work..


Leta Hollingworth is the oldest of three sisters. She was born to Margaret and John Stetter on May 25th, 1886. Margaret Stetter died not to long after the birth of her youngest daughter. John Stetter could not handle the pressure and moved away leaving his three girls with his parents. When she was 12 years old, her father remarried, returned and took her and her sisters to live with him and his new family. Leta Setter and her siblings hated leaving their father and wanted to return to their grandparents. The separation caused them to miss their mother. Leta Stetter refered to her life as a “fiery furnace, (” recording vivid details in her journal.   <>Throughout Leta Hollingworth’s life she wrote many pieces. Her first poem was published in the local paper and entitled “Lone Pine.”  Leta Hollingworth graduated in 1902 and began attending the University of Nebraska at the age of sixteen. Hollingworth was known on campus for her creative writing. It was there that she met her husband Harry Hollingworth. The two instantly connected but were separated when he graduated and left her behind to attend Columbia University in New York. <> 

In 1906 Leta Hollingworth graduated from the University of Nebraska receiving her Bachelor degree and teachers certificate. She became employed as the assistant principal at a local high school. A year later, Harry Hollingworth gained a position at Barnard College and asked Leta to move there with him. Leta had no problem with leaving her unhappy family and moved to New York with Harry Hollingworth immediately. Leta was unable to obtain a teachers position in New York due to marrying on Harry Hollingworth on New Years Eve in 1908. Hollingworth being a supportive husband saved money to send is wife to Columbia University to receive a Masters degree. She successfully received her masters in 1913.   <>After graduating, Hollingworth began working at the Clearing House for Mental Defectives where she administered Binet intelligence test. She next became employed as a psychologist and began working at Bellevue Hospital. It was there that she became chief and established a psychology lab. In June of 1916, she received her Ph.D from Columbia University under the guidance of Thorndike.

Leta Hollingworth completed work on women and sex differences; testing whether women where viewed as inferior because of biological difference or because of male domination. She demonstrated that there was no significant difference between the variability of sexes. In 1927, Hollingworth published an article addressing the “Woman Question, (” which was about the reproduction of the species. Hollingworth’s best know for her work with gifted children. She researched and learned that children with mental defective disorders suffered from adjustment problems but had normal intelligence.





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