Hugo Munsterberg
Researched and written by: Kristina M. Green
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Hugo Munsterberg


·        Hugo Munsterberg was born on June 1, 1863 in Dazing Germany. Mortiz, a merchant and Anna, an artist were Munsterberg’s parents. He had three other brothers.

·        1882 was his first semester at the University of Geneva. The semester before he studied at the University of Leipzig.

·        It was in 1883 that he first attended Wilhelm Wundts lectures. Which he enjoyed.

·        1884 Munsterberg successfully passed his preliminary exam. He was very pleased with himself.

·        July 1885 he wrote his dissertation. His dissertation was on the doctrine of natural adaptation. He also earned his Ph.D.

·        In 1887 he furthered his medical studies at Heidelberg and received his medical degree.

·        On August 7, 1887, Munsterberg married Selm Oppler. Whom he stayed married to until his death.

·        In 1888 Munsterberg published Die Willenshandlung

·        In 1889 he published Beitrage Zur Experimentellen Psychologie. He also, attended the first international congress of psychology in Paris.

·        In 1891, Munsterberg became an assistant professor at the International Congress of Psychology. It was there that he met William James.

·        In 1892 he was offered a position to run Harvard’s psychological laboratory. Musnterberg accepted the position and the position was permanent.

·        In 1895 he returned to Freiberg to teach. Munsterberg did not stay for long.

·        It was 1897 that Munsterberg returned to Harvard. It was under an urgent inventation for Munsterberg to return to Harvard.

·        In 1898 he was elected president of APA. He also gave public speeches across the country.

·        1900 he published Grundzuge Der Psychologie

·        1901 Munsterberg published American Traits From The Point Of View Of A German. The piece was famous throughout Germany and America

·        In 1903 Harvard established a laboratory for experimental psychology. He also tested psychological methods in criminal events during this time.

·        In 1905 Munsterberg published The Principles of Art Education

·        In 1908 he published On The Witness Stand

·        In 1909 Munsterberg published The Eternal Values

·        In 1910 he participated as an exchange professor for Berlin. He had hopes to strengthen the cultural ties by being an exchange professor.

·        In 1912 he attended the meeting for German Experimental Psychologist. Munsterberg considered it an honor for him to attend

·        In 1913, Munsterbegr’s work in Industrial psychology was presented in his book, Psychology and Industrial Efficiency. He placed a lot of hard work and time into this book.

·        In 1914 he published to famous articles the, Psychology and Social Sanity and Grundzuge Der Psychotechnic

  •  On December 16th, 1916 he died while giving a lecture at Radcliffe. Musterberg was unable to even complete the   opening. The article Tomorrow was also pubilished.

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