Main Lab

   Describing aspects of
    a good theory.

Phases of research
  Steps for conducting a
    research study.

Research methods
  Different types of 
   research methods.

Sources for Info
  Primary & Secondary
    sources of research.

Journal Articles
  Understanding a
    typical journal article.

On-line Searches
  How to use PsycInfo 
    and other search
    engines.  Includes info
    on full text articles.

APA Format
   Learn to write in APA 

Activities & Quizzes
   A variety of activities
    related to research. 
   To be used in classes.


Ross' Rules of Report Writing
by Dr. Lee Ross, Frostburg State University

 1. Never say "prove."
 2. Never put research report titles in main texts.
 3. Always put dates of research reports in ( ).
 4. Never use first names of authors.
 5. Always put p level in ( ) and right after the statistical test outcome.
 6. Avoid quoting.
 7. Always proof read for typos.
 8. Always refer to tables and figures if they are included in your report.
 9. Never duplicate all information in a table or figure in the main text.
10. If you change points, change paragraphs.
11. Say something only once.
12. Don't use questions to set up an argument or point. Every question asked must be       answered.
13. Don't  use rhetorical questions in scientific argument. Use positive assertions.
14. Don't put research procedures in the Introduction of an APA style research report.
15. In Psychology "correlation" refers only to a statistical relationship between 2 or more variables. It  is not used for descriptions between single items.
16. Always use directional statements. Do not use non-directional statements
(e.g.,  age has an effect on drinking).
Last: Exceptions to the rules should be made only by experts and students are still learning to be experts.