Main Lab

   Describing aspects of
    a good theory.

Phases of research
  Steps for conducting a
    research study.

Research methods
  Different types of 
   research methods.

Sources for Info
  Primary & Secondary
    sources of research.

Journal Articles
  Understanding a
    typical journal article.

On-line Searches
  How to use PsycInfo 
    and other search
    engines.  Includes info
    on full text articles.

APA Format
   Learn to write in APA 

Activities & Quizzes
   A variety of activities
    related to research. 
   To be used in classes.


Topic:  Conducting on-line searches.

     Click here if you are a student from Frostburg State University or from the University of Maryland system to learn how to conduct on-line searches using Research Port.

     Click here to learn how to use EBSCO Host. 

     Click here if you are from UMUC.

     Click here for tips on how to conduct online searches (regardless of search engine).

     Click here to learn information on full text articles with links to actual on-line articles.

     Click here to learn how to access journal articles from WVU.