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Topic:  Evaluating Theories 

   A theory is a comprehensive explanation of natural phenomena.  Anyone can come up with a theory.  (Just listen to a groups of sports fans after their team lost a big game and you will hear a variety of theories.)  But a good theory, particularly a scientific theory, has to have certain criteria to it.  They are: 

Fits known facts 

      A theory cannot contain elements that are not a part of our reality.  This is the separation between science and science fiction. 


        A theory must make specific predictions that can be tested empirically (empirical means that it is based on observed data) and allow for the possibility of contradictory evidence.  If I make the claim that "if a baby's first dream is in black and white, the baby will likely grow up to be maladjusted", I do not have a good theory.  It is impossible to know what a baby is dreaming.  It cannot be tested; therefore, it is not a good theory.

Predicts new discoveries 

         This criteria simply means we do not want to re-invent the wheel.  A good scientist creates a theory by carefully studying existing empirical evidence and using logic to form new ideas.  Science needs to be innovative; new ideas are 
naturally emphasized. 

Is Parsimonious 

          Parsimony means explaining theories in the simplest terms.  If there are two theories that both explain a phenemena, the simpler and more straightforward theory is preferred.  Likewise, one theory that explains a set of phenomena is preferred over several theories that also explain the set of phenomena.  Simple is better.

 Good theories are the hallmark of any science.