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   Describing aspects of
    a good theory.

Phases of research
  Steps for conducting a
    research study.

Research methods
  Different types of 
   research methods.

Sources for Info
  Primary & Secondary
    sources of research.

Journal Articles
  Understanding a
    typical journal article.

On-line Searches
  How to use PsycInfo 
    and other search
    engines.  Includes info
    on full text articles.

APA Format
   Learn to write in APA 

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Topic:  Accessing WVU's library system.

    WVU is a larger university with several libraries.  Chances are good that if a journal is not available at Frostburg, it will be available at WVU.  In certain circumstances, you may have to drive out to the campus to get the journal article you need instead of waiting for interlibrary loan.  This page will tell you how to see if a certain journal exists at WVU and how to get to the campus.

How to see if a journal is at WVU

    Access the WVU library catalog system by clicking on this web page:

    To search for the title to a journal, type in the name of the journal and do a search by
          Journal/Magazine/Newspaper Title
     Then click SEARCH.

    If the journal is there, results will show up on the next page.  This results page will
  indicate what years of the journal are available, and at which library.  Psychology journals
  will be mainly housed in the Downtown library but may also be included in Evansdale
  library (which is for education majors).  Print out the results page and take it with you.
  Once you reach the right library, ask a librarian at the reference desk for help in locating the

Directions on how to get to the WVU campus and libraries
   Click here for a web page that lists campus maps and directions.  For driving directions
 from Frostburg, click on the DIRECTIONS BY REGION link on the left-hand side of the
 page.  Then click on the state of Maryland, and get directions from Hagerstown. 
I-68 West outside of Hancock, MD.  Or scroll down for a copy of these directions.

   Click here for a link that lists all of the libraries.  Then, just click on the library you need
 and it will give you directions on how to get there.

Copy of directions to WVU campus from their website:

          -I-68 West will end just outside of Morgantown,
          where you will pick up I-79 North. 

          -Stay on I-79 North for approximately 7 miles and
          get off at exit #155, the Star City/West Virginia
          University exit. 

          -After exiting, stay in the right lane and bear
          right at the first stoplight. 

          -You will then cross a blue bridge.  Go to the
          second stoplight after the blue bridge and take a
          left on to Patteson Dr. 

          -After taking the left turn you will see the Visitors
          Center on your right, approximately 150 yards
          down the road.  The Visitors Center is a one-story
          gray brick building with blue awnings.  There is
          a blue Visitors Center sign denoting where you
          should enter the parking lot. 

          -Park in a space labeled Visitors Center Parking

          If you have further questions please contact us
          at 1-800-344-WVU1, ext. #2.