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GUIDELINES FOR PAPERS to be included in the Journal of International Business Disciplines (JIBD):

All papers must be single-spaced with no indentation. Margins must be set at 1" all around. All text should be set in Times New Roman 12-point font. The entire paper should be fully justified. Type only one space after punctuation. Allow paragraphs to wrap, placing paragraph line breaks only after the ends of paragraphs or title lines, as appropriate.

The title of the paper should not exceed two lines. It should be set ALL CAPITALS. Double-space after the title. Only the main title, main headings, and table and figure titles should be bold. Figures are exceptions to this rule.

Write the authorís name and institutional affiliation on one line with a comma between them. Do not include academic degrees or position titles. Write the authorís e-mail address on the line immediately below. Double-space between successive authors. Center all title and author information.

Double-space after the last authorís information. Type the word ďABSTRACTĒ in ALL CAPITALS and bold, and LEFT JUSTIFY it. The abstract section should be 100 to 150 words (7 to 10 lines). Double-space after the end of the abstract and begin body of the paper.

Main headings should be ALL CAPITALS, BOLD and LEFT JUSTIFIED. Second-level headings should be Upper-Lower Case, Bold, and Left-Justified. Third-level headings should be Upper-Lower Case, Bold, Italic, and Left-Justified. Double-pace between each heading and the paragraph below it. Double-space between paragraphs and before the next heading.

Place all tables and charts inside the body of the paper, keeping them within the margins. Number all tables and charts using Arabic numerals, as also in the text. Place titles of tables above the tables and titles for figures below the figures. Use ALL CAPITALS and BOLD. Center the titles.

Follow the style of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The APA manual and other useful works on APA style are available from the American Psychological Association at its Web site at Information on the style for references that are electronic media can be found on p. 268-281.

NOTE: No footnotes please.

Page numbering is not necessary because all manuscripts must be submitted electronically and the printer will number them altogether for publication in the JIBD. Please be advised that the page limit is 20 single-spaced pages, including the titles, authors, abstract, body, tables, figures, and references. There will be $15.00 (U.S.) fee per page for articles exceeding the 20-page limit.

The final version of the manuscript must meet the above noted specifications. Please E-mail the formatted paper as an attachment in MS Word to Editor in Chief Ahmad Tootoonchi at Also, the completed JIBD registration form and the appropriate processing-fee must be mailed to:

Dr. Ahmad Tootoonchi
Editor in Chief, JIBD
Frostburg State University
Department of Management
101 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD 21532

Phone: (301) 687-4740
Web site: WWW.JIBD.ORG

The Editorial Board of JIBD thanks you for your submission, and wishes you even more success in your future publication efforts.