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Circulation Information:
Reader: Academics and Professionals
Frequency of Issue: Biannually
Circulation: 500
Sponsors: IABD/Frostburg State University
Subscription Price: 100.00 US $ Institution
50.00 US$ Individual (annually)

Review Information:
Type of Review: Blind
No. of External Reviewers: 3
No. of In House Reviewers: 1
Acceptance Rate: 11-20%
Time to Review: 4 months
Reviewers Comments: Yes
Invited Articles: 15%

Manuscript Topics:
Business-related disciplines; current trends and issues affecting global Business

Journal of International Business Disciplines encourages and supports scholarly works that focus on theories, research, and applications regarding topics related to business and organizations including but not limited to: accounting, advertising, communication, economics, diversity, globalization, groups, teams, finance, human resources, information technology, leadership, management, marketing, operations, and organizational behavior/theory.
The editors of Journal of International Business Disciplines welcome quantitative, qualitative, theoretical-based, and conceptual papers. The editors are committed to blind and fair review of all submitted articles based on the following criteria: importance and timeliness of the issue, clarity of purpose, compatibility of the purpose and the design of the study, soundness of the methodology, and readability and flow of the materials. Journal of International Business Disciplines encourages its reviewers to provide professional, constructive and timely feedback to the author (s) for continuous improvement in their current and future scholarly works.