What does "philosophia" literally mean?

What is Philosophy, according to Socrates?

Which century was the "Golden Age" of Athens?

Name two monuments or events that justify the name "Golden Age"!

Which major war was fought during Socrates's life?

When was Socrates executed?

Which of Socrates's students recorded his presumed defense speech?

What were the two charges leveled against Socrates?

What was the general change that Socrates effected in Greek culture?

Which social role permitted Socrates to be both a determined individualist and a conscientious member of his community? Explain!

Who were the Sophists?

What are the three social classes described in the Republic, and how are they related to the three parts of the soul?

How is Socrates's ship analogy an argument against Democracy? And how have critics objected to it?

How can the above critics possibly be refuted?

What is a "form" (eidos) in Plato's philosophy?

What is a "real" definition?

What is a "nominal" definition?

What does being confined to the cave mean in the Allegory of the Cave?

What does "metaphysical" literally mean?

Why is the answer "beyond reality" not necessarily correct?

Why is Socrates's prediction that after death he will "meet and talk with other great minds like Homer" unintelligible, according to certain Analytic philosophers?

What is the difference between traditional and 20th century critics of metaphysics?

Name a prominent founder of Analytic Philosophy!

Which century is the "Age of Enlightenment"?

Who is the most prominent philosopher of the 18th century?

What is the highest moral and political value of the Enlightenment?

Why would an Enlightenment philosopher be critical of the "salad bowl" version of multiculturalism?

Which 20th century school of thought continues and radicalizes the moral ideal of the Enlightenment?

Name one philosopher of that school of thought!

What does it mean to say that "we are condemned to be free"?


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