Frank B. Ebersole--Philosophical Works:

Things We Know by Frank B. Ebersole Hardcover ISBN 1-4010-1275-2 $33
Xlibris, 2001, 2nd ed., 384 pp. Softcover ISBN 1-4010-1276-0 $23 Electronic book ISBN 1-4010-1277-9 $8

Language and Perception
by Frank B. Ebersole Hardcover ISBN 1-4010-4063-2 $33
Xlibris, 2002, 2nd ed., 346 pp. Softcover ISBN 1-4010-4062-4 $23 Electronic book ISBN 1-4010-4064-0 $8

Meaning and Saying
by Frank B. Ebersole Hardcover ISBN 1-4010-3922-7 $33
Xlibris, 2002, 2nd ed., 322 pp. Softcover ISBN 1-4010-3921-9 $23 Electronic book ISBN 1-4010-3923-5 $8

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Frank Ebersole: "Conversation With a Dead Philosopher"

Frank Ebersole: "What Killed Ordinary Language Philosophy?" (full text)