B.A., Physics, 1963 - Lebanon Valley College
B.S., Mathematics, 1964 - Lebanon Valley College
M.A., Solid State Physics, 1966 - Wake Forest University
Ph.D., 1972 - Brigham Young University
Major: Acoustics,
Minor: Astrophysics

Solar Energy Short Course, Univ. of Utah, 1977
Coal Production, Technology & Utilization, Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Tenn., 1978
Solar Energy Installation Workshop, University of Delaware, 1979
Wind Energy Short Course, Pennsylvania State University, 1980
Alcohol Fuel Seminar, Midlands Technical College, Midlands, SC, 1981
Alcohol Fuel Training Prog, Wilson College, Shippensburg, Pa,1981
Energy Audit Training Program, Maryland Energy Office, 1983
Mysteries of Quantum Mechanics, St. U. of N. Y. (L.I.), 1988
Digital Signal Processing, Acoust. Soc. Short Course, 1995
Computer Programming in C++, Frostburg State Universty, 1997

Solar Energy Study Grant, Appalachian Regional Comm., 1979
Solar Energy Training Program, U.S. Dept. of Energy, 1980
Wind Energy Study Grant, Appalachian Regional Comm., 1981
Local Business Energy Audit Program, Maryland Energy Office, 1983
Small Business Energy Conservation Program, MD Energy Office, 1984-85
Maryland Historic Trust, for the restoration of historic bank building, Mt.Savage, MD., 1987-1988

Fac.Lect: The Japanese Educational System: Utopia or Quagmire? (9/29/94)
Workshop/Speaker: Workshop & Lecture by Marc Abrahams (10/19/95)
Project support: Travel expenses to Ecuador. (Intersession 1996)
Lecture Series: 3 lectures by Dr. V.Svistunov, Ukrainian scientist, April ‘97
Workshop/course: on “Superconductivity” by V. Svistunov, April, May ‘97
Project support: Travel to Nicaragua. (Spring Break 1998)
Assigned Time: Study of high temperature superconductivity, Spring 1998
Assigned Time: Write an acoustics textbook, Spring 2000

Acoustics Laboratory, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah,
Jan -> June, 1977
Laboratoire d'Acoustique, Universite du Maine, LeMans, France,
March -> June, 1985; June -> August, 1986; June 1990
Institute of Applied Physics, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan, Sept, 1991 -> March 1992
Fraunhofer Institut fur Bauphysik, Stuttgart, Germany,
March -> June, 1999

SPRING 2000:
(1) Award for team-taught course (developed with Dr. P. LaChance, English) “Modern Physics and Asian Metaphysics” by the Center for Theology and the Natual Sciences, Berkeley, CA.
(2) FSU Faculty Development award for academic achievement.

SPRING 2002:
Maryland State Board of Regent’s Award for Excellence in research and creative activity.

1/65 -> Present American Association of Physics Teachers
1/67 -> Present Acoustical Society of America
3/68 -> Present Sigma Pi Sigma, National Physics Honor Soc.
1/77 -> 12/80 American Guild of Organists (Dean of Chapter)
1993 -> 1995 Acoustical Society of Japan
1996 -> 2000 Associate, CNRS Researchers, Paris, France

9/70 -> 5/74 Frostburg State Univ. Assist. Prof. of Physics
9/74 -> 5/82 Frostburg State Univ. Assoc. Prof. of Physics
9/82 -> 5/92 Frostburg State Univ. Professor of Physics
9/91 -> 3/92 University of Tsukuba Research Associate Tsukuba, Japan
4/92 -> 6/92 University of Tsukuba Contractual Professor Tsukuba, Japan
9/92 -> 8/93 University of Tsukuba Visiting Foreign Prof. Tsukuba, Japan
9/93 -> present Frostburg State Univ. Professor of Physics

Music, Speech, Audio, W. J. Strong and G. R. Plitnik,
Soundprint Publ. Co., Utah, 1992, 460 pages.
Music, Speech and High-Fidelity, 2nd Ed., W. J. Strong and G. R. Plitnik, Soundprint Publ. Co., Utah, 1983, 380 pages.
Music, Speech and High-Fidelity, W. J. Strong and G. R. Plitnik,
BYU Press, Provo, Utah, 1977, 340 pages.

1. “Voices in the Wind”, a documentary film on the pipe organ for “The Nature of Things” TV series, Canadian Broadcasting Co., Inc, 1984, 60 minures; Scientific consultant and presenter.
2. “Measured and Calculated Input Impedance of the French Horn”, Acoustics Seminar, Laboratoire d’Acoustique, Université du Maine, LeMans, France, Jan. 1988
3. “Acoustical Principles of Scaling Rules for Pipe Organ Design”, Institute of Applied Physics Seminar, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan, Nov. 1991
4. “The Pipe Organ and Western Culture”, Kyushu Institute of Design, Fukuoka, Japan, May 1992
5. “The Teaching of Physics in American Universities”, Qinghai Junior Teacher’s College, Xining, P. R. China, July 1992
6. “A Physicist looks at the Pipe Organ”, Department of Information Engineering, Niigata University, Niigata, Japan, June 1993
7. “An Introduction to the Pipe Organ for non-Western Scientists”, English Club, Agro-environmental Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan, July 1993

1. “Digital Computer Methods for Predicting the Acoustical Characteristics of an Oboe”, Wake Forest University, N.C., Sept. 1978
2. “The Physics of Organ Pipes”, American Institute of Organ Builders Annual Convention, Hagerstown, MD, Sept. 1982
3. “Energy Conservation for the Small Business”, Developed and produced an automated slide presentation and lecture with original pipe organ background music. Presented to businesses and service organizations throughout the state of Maryland, 1986 -> 1987
4. “The Acoustics of the French Horn”, Physics Seminar, Wake Forest University, Sept. 1987
5. “The History and Uses of Solar Energy in Israel”, Keynote speaker for the LDS Society, LaVale, MD, April 1990
6. “Solar Utilization Now (SUN)” Feature presentation for Earth-week symposium, FSU, April 19, 1990
7. “A Comparison of the Japanese and American Educational Systems”, Cumberland Engineers Club, MD, Dec. 15, 1993
8. “Diversity in a Multi-cultural World”, Key-note speaker for American Field Service (Cumberland, MD) 30th year celebration, May 15, 1994
9. “The Japanese Educational System: Utopia or Quagmire?” FSU Faculty Development Lecture, Sept. 29, 1994
10. “Japanese Culture and Education”, Alpha Delta Kappa Women Teacher’s Fraternity, LaVale, MD, Dec. 6, 1994
11. “Understanding the Japanese”, Rotary Club International, Cumberland, MD, July 22, 1995

1. “How to Construct an Acoustic Cannon”, Amer. Assoc. of Physics Teachers (Appalachian Section), Fall Meeting, Oct. 1984
2. “Un Capteur a Transduceurs Reciproques pour la mesure d’Impedances Acoustiques”, (with A. M. Bruneau), Twelfth International Congress on Acoustics, Toronto, Canada, July 1986
3. “Computing the Acoustic Impedance of Brass Instruments”, (with J. Ailing), Amer. Assoc. of Physics Teachers (Appalachian Sect.) Fall Meeting, Oct 1986,
4. “Is Time Travel Possible?”, FSU Faculty Develop. Lecture, May 1987
5. “How to Build a Trumpet”, FSU Physics Club, Oct. 1990
6. “Architecture and the Inner Harmony of Japanese Life”, FSU Faculty Club Lecture, Jan. 27, 1995
7. “Solar Usage Now: the Solar Imperative”, Illustrated Lecture for “Changes in the Contemporary World” Series, March 28, 1995
8. “Japanese Language” lecture to Linguistics Class, 1995 -> present
9. “Japanese Musical Instruments” to World Music Class, 1994 ->99
10. “Noh and Kabuki” to World Drama Class, 1995, 1996
11. “The Endangered Rainforest” to Environ. History Class, Apr, 1996

SYMPOSIA DEVELOPED (with P. LaChance, English Dept)
1. “Relativity in Science, Literature, and Art” (1985)
2. “Heraclitus and Modern Thought” (1986)
3. “The Nature of Time as Perceived by Science, Art and Cinema”, (1987)
4. “The Nature of Mind”, (1988)

Pipe Organ Building, Offered at FSU from 1976 -> 1989
Practical Solar Energy, Offered at FSU from 1980 -> 1987
Modern Physics and Asian Metaphysics, (team taught), offered alternate years from 1986 -> present
Acoustical Measurements conducted at the Laboratoire d’Acoustique, LeMans, France; Jan 1988
Solar Energy Tour of Israel, conducted throughout Israel; Jan. 1989
Historical and Cultural Aspects of Astronomy, conducted in Milan, Florence, Pisa, and Rome; June 1989
Technical English, taught at Tsukuba University, Tsukuba, Japan; Sept 1992-> June 1993.
Language, Culture, and Communication, taught at the National Agricultural Institute, Tsukuba, Japan; April -> August, 1993.
Discordant Harmonies: Environmental Issues in Ecuador, taught throughout Ecuador, January 1996.

Piano: Private lessons, six years (2 years at university)
Pipe organ lessons:
high school: Four years
college: Four years
graduate school: Six years

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