Journals Head to Ukraine

A smaller office for FSU Professor of Physics Dr. George Plitnik is proving to be a benefit to the National Technical University in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Plitnik's 35-year collection – 30 cartons worth – of the prestigious "Journal of the Acoustical Society of America" fit in his office in Tawes Hall, but not in his new digs in the Compton Science Center. But Plitnik knew better than to discard this valuable resource, and he found a colleague in the Ukraine who could benefit.

Plitnik made his Ukrainian connection first in 1993 in Japan when he met Dr. Vladimir Svistunov, a leading world authority on high-temperature superconductivity. Svistunov later came to FSU with the support of the FSU Faculty Development Council. He taught a seminar course and presented public lectures on high temperature superconductivity, as well as talks on the status of science research in post-Soviet Ukraine.

In 2002, Plitnik traveled to Ukraine to meet with Svistunov and representatives of NTU to work on a potential cooperative grant between the two institutions. That process is still ongoing.

Plitnik said the 30 cartons of journals, the premier American acoustics journal, will be much appreciated by the Ukrainian university, where science research is top-notch, but money is short.