Saturation in the 6X4 Tube

The 6X4 tube, as mentioned above, is a simple diode tube used for power supplies in automobiles. It has no internal control screens. The typical operating heater voltage is 6.3 volts, and the typical plate voltage is 650 volts. (RCA)

{short description of image}  This is a diagram of a 6X4 tube. I used the left plate, off pin 1. you can see that there are no grids between the cathode and plate.

I ran the 6X4 tube with a 3.09 volt filament and a potential difference across the plate ranging from 0 to 20 volts. Under these the electron emission was deficient compared to the potential difference. In the graph the threshold seems to occur around 2.5 volts across the plate, and the current seems to have a limit of about 1.6 milli-Amps.

This is the plot produced under the conditions described above.

{short description of image}

Saturation on the 5AM8 tube

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