Pictures From Martinak State Park
Memorial Day Concert, 1999

The pictures on this page were taken on Memorial Day Weekend, 1999 by Ranger Ray Bivens at Martinak State Park during my Memorial Day weekend concert.. Many thanks to Ray for the pictures! If you have any comments or questions you can leave E-mail for me at

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 In this photo you can see me playing my DMC 12-string guitar while a small fan tries to get a closer look. My hammered dulcimer is visible on the left and my guitar amplifier (a Carvin) can be seen on the right. Behind the guitar amplifier on the right is my Appalachian dulcimer (still in its case).

Martinak State Park has a beautiful amphitheater, with Watts Creek providing a beautiful backdrop.

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 Here I'm sitting down and playing the Appalachian or Mountain dulcimer. The hammered dulcimer is visible in the foreground, and you can see my banjo (still in its case) in the left background. The little yellow cup in the right background is "Chicken Little", a noisemaker that sounds like a clucking chicken.

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 "Jack the Limberjack" has been a friend of mine for over 20 years. I bought him in Cosby, Tennessee when I was on a trip down that way, and he has been with me ever since. The limberjack is a wooden doll that is also a percussion instrument. The limberjack is played by bouncing a wooden board under the feet of the doll, making a sound. The instrument is also called a "West Virginia Stomper Doll".

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 This is a shot of some of the audience that attended the concert. I've had people tell me that my music is relaxing at times, and I guess this photo is proof.

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 This is a wide field shot of the audience. That's my wife Teddy in the light yellow shirt in the background on the left.

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