International Studies 492

Dr. Joan Serafin
Internship Seminar 103 Old Main
Summer 1997 Phone: 687-4790


Each intern is required to submit a regular written journal of activities. The principal purpose of the journals is to keep the intern director informed of your activities in the field. Journals, along with your site supervisor's evaluation, will be used in determining the grade for the field experience component of the internship program.

At the beginning of the term, journals are to be completed daily and mailed to the intern director on a weekly basis. Journals for each work week (i.e. Monday through Friday) should be mailed on the following Monday. (For example, journals for May29, 30, and the week of June 2,1997, through Friday June 6, 1997, should be mailed no later than Monday June 9, 1997.) than Monday, May 18, 1992.)

Daily journals must be completed for the first two weeks of the term. Subsequently, students may submit a weekly summary of activities. Specific dates for the current term are as follows:

DAILY JOURNALS May 29, 1997 through

June 13, 1997

WEEKLY JOURNALS June 16, 1997 through

August 22, 1997

Please adjust these dates according to the date you begin your internship!

Journals must be typed (single-spaced) and consume no more than one side of a sheet of paper. Head each day's journal with your name, the date (including day of the week), and the name of the agency or organization in which you work. For each day (or week), indicate the major activity or activities you have been involved in; the purpose of the activity; and your personal opinion of the activity (e.g., "fascinating," "useless," etc.).

Mail to:
Dr. Joan Serafin
INST Internship Director
Department of Political Science
Frostburg State University
Frostburg, MD 21532-1099

Please keep a copy of the journal for your records as the mail service to Frostburg is not known for its reliability. JOURNALS MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN TWO WEEKS OR A FAILING GRADE WILL BE GIVEN FOR POLITICAL SCIENCE 495.