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Writings and Essays - Alvin's Farm:

Cover of Alvin's FarmAlvin's Farm - In Search for Leisure: Alvin's Farm is an allegory that explores the question that an increase in productivity does not necessarily lead to an increase in leisure time. Alvin is a crow who convinces the crows to build a farm in order to grow more sunflower seeds. By increasing productivity, Alvin expected to gain more leisure time. The unintentional consequences of building the farm seems to blossom and multiply. Read the allegory and find out what happens. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the information.

Alvin's Farm - Click here for Alvin's Farm.


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photo of Dr. Kauffman
Dr. Robert B. Kauffman


Photo Credits: Unless noted, photos by Robert B. Kauffman. Picture of Dr. Kauffman by Liz Metcalf. Note: a watercolor filter was used on most scenic photos.
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