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Writings and Essays - Preppers Course Materials: Chapters

Cover of Alvin's FarmSurviving the Unexpected Emergency: The following materials are from a course which I teach and which is in the developmental phase. It is titled: Doomsday Preppers and Surviving the Unexpected Emercency. Conceptually, think of the course as taking a camping trip. Many of the same skills needed to take a camping trip are equally applied to prepping. Outdoor recreation and camping are my connections and they influence my perspective. In addition, I give credit to Gene Fear who in the 1970s hit the nail on the head with his philosophical tribute to the Fundamentals of Outdoor Enjoyment and Surviving the Unexpected Emergency. Philosophically, he was right on the mark and although we never communicated, tribute is noted to his materials in many places.... One last note. There are a plethora of opinions and in some respects, this is a divergent view toward prepping. Hopefully, it is a refreshing perspective.

As with my other materials, the materials work toward the development of a textbook. Some works get there and some don't. The prepper materials are getting close to the point where they may be publishable.

The prepper materials were developed by rbk who is responsible for its contents. People are welcome to use any and all the materials. They do so with the following stipulations.

1. Users using the materials acknowledge that they are knowledgeable in this content area and know how to use the materials contained herein. [Yes, this is a disclaimer.]

2. The author has attempted to be accurate and has not purposely created false information. Again, users of these materials assume that they are knowledgable and can determine for themselves any errors or incorrect information. [Yes, this is a disclaimer.]

3. In an effort to advance prepping, these materials are offered free. Anyone who uses the materials in part may do so. The only request is to provide rbk with the appropriate acknowledgement for the materials used.

The course outline for the course, IDIS 150, and the semi-completed chapters for the textbook are provided below.

Course Outline for IDIS 150
Ch. 1: Surviving the Unexpected Emergency
Ch. 2: Psychology of Survival
Ch. 3: Physiology - Thermorequlation
Ch. 3: Physiology - Dehydration
Ch. 3: Physiology - Hypothermia
Ch. 3: Physiology - Hyperthermia
Ch. 4: Barrier Analysis for Preppers
Ch. 4: Rescue Curve for Preppers
Ch. 4: Risk Management for Preppers (legal)
Ch. 5: Fire and Heat
Ch. 6: Food
Ch. 7: Drinking Water
Ch. 8: Sanitation
Ch. 9: Shelter - Overview
Ch. 9: Shelter - Clothing
Ch. 9: Shelter - Sleeping
Ch. 9: Shelter - Shelter
Ch. 9: Shelter - Site Selection
Ch. 10: [no entry]
Ch. 11: Bunkers and Safe Rooms
Ch. 12: [no entry]
Ch. 13: Navigation - Natural Methods
Ch. 13: Navigation - Map and Compass
Ch. 13: Navigation - Electronic
Ch. 14: Bugging Out
Ch. 15: First Aid
Ch. 15: First Aid - Survey the Scene
Ch. 15: Rescue - Rope Work
Ch. 15: Rescue - Pulley Systems
Ch. 16: Protection
Ch. 17: Recreation

Rather than providing the pictures in the chapters, I am providing the power point version. Normally, I develop a power point for the materials. The power point forms the basic organizational structure and content of the chapters. You will note the format of most of the slides fit the traditional power point format. The slides are not complete because I have only included those created by me.

In addition, supplemental diagrams and graphics are provided also. Click on the links below for the overheads and supplemental diagrams.

Power Point Overheads for Chapters:
Chapter 1: Surviving the Unexpected Emergency
Chapter 2: Psychology of Survival
Chapter 3: Physiology

Chapter 4: Risk Management
Chapter 5: Fire and Heat
Chapter 6: Food
Chapter 7: Drinking Water
Chapter 8: Sanitation
Chapter 9: Shelter
Chapter 10: [No entry]
Chapter 11: Bunkers and Safe Rooms
Chapter 12: [No entry]
Chapter 13: Navigation
Chapter 14: Rescue and First Aid [Note: Currently, there are graphics provided.]
Chapter 15: Protection
Chapter 16: Recreation

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Surviving the Unexpected Emergency

Surviving the Unexpected Emergency - Author
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Light Switch

Light Switch - Author
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Pocket Dump

Pocket Dump - Author
Slide: \AT-PocketDump[144].jpg


Shelter - Author
Slide: \SH-Shelter2[144].jpg


Photo Credits: Unless noted, photos by Robert B. Kauffman. Picture of Dr. Kauffman by Liz Metcalf. Note: a watercolor filter was used on most scenic photos.
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