January 21, 2008

Regional Network list serve member,

Welcome back to the start of a new semester!  I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday break.  Our students have returned or will shortly returned so the slower time between semesters has ended.  This edition of the regional Network newsletter highlights a training opportunity and a small funding resource available to Network members.  Please contact me at Sdeakin@Frostburg.edu if you want to learn about The Network and how it can support you and your campus prevention program.  Again, welcome back and good wishes for the Spring semester.

Spencer Deakin, Ph.D.

Regional Director for MD, VA, & DC


McDaniel College successfully implements Network mini-grant

Megan Herron, a social worker at McDaniel College Counseling Services, successfully completed a social norming project during the Fall 2007 semester with financial help from The Network's regional mini-grant.  Ms. Herron used the grant to design and print social norming posters, t-shirts, and publish campus newspaper ads.  The campaign achieved campus wide attention and effectively communicated the healthy student majority norms to the campus community.

How about your campus?  The Network mini-grants can assist you to implement prevention activities on your campus.  The $600 mini-grants must support environmental management strategies or use one of the evidence based strategies on your campus.  To apply, write a one page proposal identifying your project initiative and your budget request.  You can submit your request to Spencer Deakin, Network Regional Director, at Sdeakin@Frostburg.edu or call 301-687-4234 to discuss your project idea.


Register for the "Experiences in Effective Prevention" meeting

You can now request an invitation to the U.S. Department of Education's "Experiences in Effective Prevention" meeting on March 17-18, 2008 in Hartford, Connecticut.  You can apply for the no-cost workshop through the Higher Education Center's website at www.higheredcenter.org   Click on the "Dissemination Meeting" link.

The meeting will provide participants with an opportunity to hear former model program grantees talk about their own experiences of using the core elements described in "Experiences in Effective Prevention" book, and how those elements contributed to the success of their prevention work.  Staff of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools will join the grantees in providing information and guidance on preparing model programs grant applications.

The two day meeting will begin at 1 PM on the first day and will end at 3 PM on the second day.  There is no registration fee and conference costs will be minimal.  The hotel cost for the night of the first meeting day will be covered by the Department of Education.  College personnel from our region (MD, VA, & DC) are invited to attend the Hartford meeting.


Virginia prevention standards & a workshop opportunity

The December 2007 regional newsletter announced a proposed workshop.  Initial response was limited, possibly due to the holiday break.  The announcement is reprinted below.  If you are interested in the workshop, please contact one of the Network representatives.

Several years ago, a group of Virginia prevention professionals developed standards to provide guidance to campus leaders to enhance their campus prevention programs.  The resource offers "practical elements and components recognized as necessary for successful prevention programs".  The emphasis is to implement recognized strategies to achieve campus change.

The Virginia College Alcohol Abuse Prevention Standards (July 2003) can be found on the George Mason University website at http://www.caph.gmu.edu/strategicplanning.htm   They are the fifth item on the page.

Dr. David Anderson and Dr. Steve Clarke have volunteered to conduct a drive-in workshop for our regional members on what the Standards are and how your campus can use them to leverage support for your AOD program.  The Network will financially support the project so the workshop will be a very low or no cost program.  The date and location of the program are TBA.  If you are interested, contact Susie Bruce, Virginia State Coordinator for The Network at Sbruce@Virginia.edu or Spencer Deakin, Regional Director, at Sdeakin@Frostburg.edu for information or to express interest in attending.  This will be a valuable educational experience for our region. 


Please Note:  Feel free to forward this electronic newsletter to your colleagues who have an interest in higher education prevention.  Also, I respect your time and email space.  To unsubscribe to this newsletter send an email with the subject line "unsubscribe" to Sdeakin@Frostburg.edu