May 13, 2009

Regional Network List Member,

Another busy semester has come to an end.  I hope you had a successful year and can take some time to refresh your spirit with family and friends this summer.  I enjoyed the opportunity to support your prevention efforts during the past academic year.  Remember, the Network provides technical assistance and support for substance abuse prevention activities to Network institution members.


Spencer Deakin, Ph.D.

Regional Director of MD, VA, & DC



The University of Richmond will be hosting a no-cost regional higher ed. substance abuse prevention meeting on Tuesday, June 9, 2009.  The workshop consists of five interactive presentations.  The topics include:

- Clicker training/Engaging your audience (Dr. Linda Hancock, VCU)

-21st birthday celebrations (Dr. Steve Clarke, Virginia Tech)

-Program evaluation basics (Dr. David Anderson, George Mason University)

-21 minimum drinking age (Dr. Adrienne Keller, U. of Virginia)

-Social Norms marketing (Dr. Jennifer Bauerle, U. of Virginia) 

The workshop format allows participants to discuss current issues and trends in higher education.  It is an opportunity to discuss your challenges and successes.  There is no registration fee and lunch will be provided.  Please pre-register by Thursday, June 4th.  Contact Dan Fabian ( or call 804-289-8835.



Presidential leadership is a valuable asset in a successful campus prevention program.  Two current presidents recently outlined their roles in reducing high risk drinking on their respective campuses.  Dr. Tony Atwater, President of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, discusses his views with Mr. P.J. Stapleton, Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Chair, in a fifteen minute interview available on the Liquor Control Board website.  Click on the Be Vocal, Be Vocal, Be Visionary link on the LCB webpage (                                                                                                                      

Frostburg State University President, Dr. Jonathan Gibralter, received the 2008 Presidential Leadership Award for his active prevention role on the campus and the community.  Dr. Gibralter granted permission to share his recent power point presentation at the Goucher College's Regional College Symposium last January.  His talk "Promoting a College and University Climate that De-emphasizes the Role of Alcohol" is insightful and informative. His power point presentation is available from Spencer Deakin, Regional Director.  If interested, contact Spencer at for a copy of this resource.



The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has completed a comparison of seventeen on-line alcohol education programs.  These include AlcoholEdu, My Student Body, e-Chug, Judicial Education and other educational alternatives.  The site has a wealth of information presented in a concise, easy to read format.  The study provides a quick comparison of the content, purpose, time, audience and other important criteria for these current on-line products.  It does not provide pricing structures, or does not make a judgment about the "best product".  However, you can quickly compare products and make some choices about the products that might meet your campus program needs.  Click on the "Comparison of on-line Prevention" link at the bottom of the LCB webpage (