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Posted 5/19/97

I checked your site and found the articles as promised. Very interesting but somewhat soft and wooly. Just a couple of points:

1. Did anybody think to ask how much the spouse of an artist contributes to the support of the family AND the artist's work? I think you will find that the main subsidy for art comes from the artist's families and almost nothing from state or private sponsors.

2. Did anybody check thru the documentation of video, performance, body and land art, etc. shows in the 70s to see the percentage of women artists present in media NOT dominated by 300 years of the heavily macho painting/sculpture traditions? Worth doing - it was lots!

3. When thinking of the big earners in the art business - the ca. 1% of all artists who actually live well from their work - you will probably find that they are on an income level with your average dentist.

The Journal of The Sociology of Art