The Journal of the Sociology of Art

The Journal of the Sociology of Art is a refereed journal published on the internet twice per year. The first edition is quite small. In fact there are only two articles. In addition to supplying interesting and unique information, it is the hope of the editor that these articles may serve as examples for future researchers who wish to submit work. In addition, we would like to experiment with the first edition. After reading the two articles, please feel free to submit letters and feedback to the editor. The hope and intention is that what you submit can add to the knowledge presented in the articles. Please include your permission to post your comments, feedback, and information. You may send all material via e-mail to Dr. Robert Moore, editor: Permission to publish material in the Journal of the Sociology of Art can be granted only by the author. The author of the material retains copyright privileges.

To contact the editor: Dr. Robert Moore

The Journal of The Sociology of Art

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